What Helps? 



Vaccination, vaccination, vaccination. Getting people, dogs and vaccines to the same place at the same time. This requires co-ordination on the ground and the finances to buy and transport the vaccines, syringes and needles to the areas where the vaccine clinics will take place. 



Donations go towards: 


1. Vaccines 

2. Transporting vaccines, equipment and supplies to the countries that need them

3. Volunteers 

4. Maintaining and growing the vaccination / education programs

5. Government administration costs in the countries where vaccination programs take place. 

6. Advertising to get the word out. 

Any financial contribution or fundraising effort is truly appreciated

Man Power


There is nothing so precious as your time and that is why donating your time is the greatest charity. It takes people to give the vaccines, educate people, organize the clinics, do the administration and numerous other details that are involved in a successful vaccination and follow up program. We hope to be able to provide that volunteer opportunity at some point. It will change your life and potentially save the life of someone you have yet to meet.

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