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Global Alliance for Rabies Control

The key to compliance, participation, sustainability and all round success is local and central government involvement. The more participation the greater the chances of success. This outlines how to start the conversation.  

Chapter One: Rabies Blueprint Introduction

The Rabies Blue Print - Introduction. A basic outline of what the Rabies Blue Print is and who it is for. 

Chapter Two: Rabies Blueprint Roles & Responsibilities 

The Rabies Blue Print - Roles & Responsibilities.  A clear breakdown of the key stakeholders in rabies elimination and the areas each stakeholder should be responsible for. 

Chapter Three: Rabies Blueprint Section 3.1.1: Rabies Infrastructure 

The Rabies Blue Print - Infrastructure .  This covers everything related to infrastructure surrounding rabies control / vaccination campaigns (personnel, vaccine storage, rabies surveillance, post-exposure prophylaxis etc)

Chapter Three: Rabies Blueprint Section 3.2.1: Legislature 

The Rabies Blue Print - Legislature.  This covers everything related to legislation surrounding rabies control / vaccination campaigns (Making rabies a notifiable disease in any country, useful laws and by-laws for rabies control programs)

Chapter Three: Rabies Blueprint Section 3.3: Costs & Funding

The Rabies Blue Print - Costs & Funding. 

Chapter Four: Rabies Blue Print Section 4.1 to 4.3: From Communication to Evaluation 

The Rabies Blue Print - Communication to Evaluation. How to start a campaign, what are the best media outlets to get good participation, and how do you assess the impact of a campaign. 

Chapter Five: Rabies BluePrint Section 5.1: What We Need to Know

The Rabies Blue Print - What We Need to Know. Epidemiology, the reservoir species and FAQs about transmission. All vital knowledge before starting a rabies vaccination drive. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.2.1:  Supplies for a vaccination program

Rabies vaccination programs need some pre-planning. Here is a useful list of things to consider and equipment thats required. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.2.2:  Supplies for sterilization program

Rabies vaccination programs can be complemented with spay / neuter programs, here the supplies for a successful sterilization program are listed. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.2.3: Pre- and Post- exposure protocols

This lists the post exposure vaccines that are available and who makes them, it also lists what to do if a bite or lick wound is suspected. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.2.4: Supplies for rabies surveillance teams

This lists the basic supplies that would be needed for doing rabies surveillance in the field. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.2.5: Supplies needed for laboratory based rabies diagnosis

This lists the equipment and chemicals need for the Fluorescence Antibody Test (FAT) required to diagnose rabies in the laboratory. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.2.6: Diagnostic options if no Fluorescent Microscope is available. 

This chapter discusses the use of the Direct Rapid Immunohistochemical Test (dRIT) using a light microscope to examine brain smears. The use of simple Lateral Flow Tests are also discussed. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.3: Who Do We Need to Train and In What? 

A list of all the areas that need to be covered from surveillance, to vaccination, to epidemiology, to raising awareness. Its all covered in this chapter. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.4 to 5.4.19: The dog component (estimating dog numbers / surveillance) 

What are the signs of a rabid dog? Why is surveillance important? How do we vaccinate? This and many other key questions are answered in how to run a successful vaccination drive. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.4.20: Contingency Planning 

The vaccine campaign was successful, the area is free from rabies for now. How do you keep an area rabies free?  What tests are available on animals that die suddenly? Which government departments should be involved? 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.5: The Human Component (Pre & Post exposure prophylaxis)

What's the difference between pre and post exposure prophylaxis. What do you do if you're bitten by a dog. What post exposure vaccines are available?  Its all covered in this chapter. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.6: Evaluation   

Has the rabies control programme been successful? Were 70% of the canine population vaccinated? Has it had an impact on human rabies cases documented in the hospitals? Discussing SARE - Stepwise Approach to Rabies Elimination. 

Chapter Five - Rabies BluePrint Section 5.7: Sustainability

How to ensure sustainability of rabies control programmes? 

The Stepwise Approach to Rabies Elimination

This is an overview of the planning and evaluation needed to successfully carry out the above protocols. It is an integral part of the Canine Rabies Blueprint.  

The Rationale for Investing in Dog Mediated Rabies Elimination

Why even invest in this project? Rabies causes suffering to humans and animals. Rabies vaccination is relatively cost effective and rabies elimination is possible in animals and humans because of it.  This paper covers the reasons for us to fund raise. Good knowledge to have for all those fundraising meetings....

The Global Framework for Rabies Elimination

Looking for a one page summary? This is the STOP -R (Socio-cultural, technical, organizational, polital-resource orientated)  concept of participation to elimination. 

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