Rabies In Africa: The Solution

Currently, the most effective option is to vaccinate dogs. The areas that have a high amount of rabies incidence within their canine population need to be targeted through a large scale vaccination campaign.





Education is another key component for the reduction in rabies transmission. Part of the reason that rabies gets transmitted is because the population that live so closely with the virus are unaware of what to look for in domestic animals, what to do to prevent transmission and what to do if there is even the slightest suspicion of exposure.  Education also helps to quell rumors that build around vaccination, such as "vaccination reduces the hunting skills of my dog" or rabies vaccination causes parvovirus / sickness. 

Post Exposure Prophylaxis / Protocols (PEP) 
When exposure (or suspected exposure) occurs, it is important to have centers that are able to give post exposure vaccines. It is important that the surrounding communities are made aware of the resource available to them and where it is located. 
It is also important to financially support the centers by providing up-to-date post exposure vaccines stored at the correct temperatures along with trained personnel administer post exposure treatment.












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