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Every year around 60,000 people die from rabies most of these deaths are children under the age of 15.  Our goal is to help eliminate Rabies in Africa by 2030.


Almost all human rabies cases (99%) are caused by contact with an infected dog. Once rabies symptoms show up they are almost always fatal.  


60,000 people around the world are dying for no good reason other than they happen to be in a region without the resources to vaccinate dogs. Dogs who are infected with rabies can easily pass rabies to humans through a dog bite or even licking an open wound. Death by rabies is horrible. It is also completely preventable. 



The Problem:

People and animals are dying unnecessary, sometimes violent and most importantly completely preventable deaths.



The Solution:

Vaccinate 70 percent of the dogs in an area. A simple and inexpensive vaccine can save a dog's life, a child's life, a human life. It's an easy solution we now just have to execute it. read more...


So, here's the plan. To travel to these impoverished and underserved communities and vaccinate dogs. We are humans looking to end human and animal suffering. We know the solution we just need your help making a plan to execute it. ​

Our Mission Statement:

"To end animal and human suffering in impoverished communities caused by the preventable zoonotic disease rabies. We will work closely with local governments and existing NGO's to create a framework within the communities we work in to implement a sustainable model to end needless human and canine mortality. We stand with the World Health Organization's goal of no rabies by 2030 (Zero by Thirty)". 

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